As part of the water treatment process the last stage before discharge to a river is generally a final settlement tank where temperature, turbidity and ammonia are measured prior to release. One method of reducing ammonia content is via mixing of ferric sulphate using wastewater aeration equipment and it is important that the process has sufficient turbulence to promote thorough mixing. One method to achieve this is via aeration using a coarse bubble diffuser.


Northey Technologies was requested by the customer to design, manufacture and supply a turn-key wastewater aeration equipment. Some of the design criteria were as follows:


  • Duty / Standby Blowers
  • Weatherproof Enclosure
  • IE2 Motor efficiency
  • Motor overload protection
  • Blower / Motor Isolators
  • Separate Starter for each Blower


Northey Technologies assessed the flow and pressure criteria and sized up the side channel blowers to provide maximum flow in order to achieve optimal agitation and mixing during the dosing process. Consideration was given to the choice of materials, bearing in mind the corrosive nature of ferric sulphate and the pipework components were selected for efficient operation. The configuration and sizing of the blowers was adjusted via 3D Modelling to ensure that the whole package would fit within the restricted footprint and space available on a range of different sites and locations.


The Northey Technologies designed skid package is now being rolled out to a number of Water Treatment sites with the major water utility companies across the UK. Planned stockholding and production planning ensures the shortest possible lead times.


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wastewater aeration equipment



wastewater aeration equipment