Our customer had a unique requirement to transfer Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM) Gas from one storage sphere to another in order to completely evacuate the vessels for insurance inspection. Due to the very hazardous and explosive nature of the VCM gas, together with strict environmental controls this project required exceptional Risk Assessment and a very high level of ATEX approvals.


From a ‘Process Concept’ the end user required us to find a unique ‘Black Box – Plug and Play’ solution with full, automated, push button control. Northey Technologies carried out a full in-house design study followed by local manufacture and assembly resulting in a three-stage machine skid, from Vacuum to two-stage compression.


Following comprehensive Factory Acceptance Testing the project was fully completed and delivered to site within the required time frame. The machinery and control package have now been used for two complete process operations and the end user was extremely happy with the performance and results from the Northey Technologies Skid package.


On successful completion the site Project Manager commented: “The Northey Technologies Machinery Skid performed exactly as envisaged. We were very happy with the results and despite some initial reservations it completed the job with excellent results – it did exactly what it said on the tin!”


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