From vacuum packaging to whisky blending, aerospace test chambers to nuclear power, vacuum drying to micro culture; Northey Technologies has a solution for nearly every industrial application that requires air or gas movement, extraction or compression.

We specialise in producing complete skid packages for customers across a range of industries. Northey can provide complete project management, drawing and supply skids with coolers, gas storage and pipework to meet your needs. Please browse the links below to find more information about our experience in your industry.



Northey have extensive experience working closely with a number of Oil majors, and smaller up and downstream companies. We work both onshore and offshore, specialising in sour gas, vent gas recovery, and solving difficult process problems.

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Water Industry

Northey is a name synonymous with the water industry with an unmatched 40+ years experience in the industry and machines on sites across the UK, Europe and Asia. Our proven reliability and understanding of the specific needs of this industry allow us to provide utilities with the right equipment and dramatically lowered costs by the reduction in maintenance and wastage. In adition to this, the dry non-lubricated design offers environmental benefits over a liquid ring type machine by eliminating the need to process dirty fluids.

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Northey have supplied the Nuclear industry since its inception, working with M.O.S. Atomic Energy Est. we went on to work closely with U.K.A.E. in the 1950’s, and lately Urenco to develop specialist products used in Zippe-type centrifuge uranium enrichment, and the pumping of Uranium Hexaflorid. Northey is now a world leader in UF6 handling, and we work closely with multinationals and governments across the world to supply equipment to this industry.

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Energy From Waste

Anaerobic digestion is not a new process but one that has been applied for over 40 years in the sewage treatment industry. Northey has built up the backbone of its business on such processes having completed many hundreds of installations in the UK. This puts us in an ideal position to design, advise and supply equipment to this growing market.

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Northey work closely with a number of industries, from anodising, to polymer production and beyond. We can produce a custom engineered package to your requirements, to your budget and to your time scale. Get in touch