Thousands of 16 series have now been running for many years, dry, oil and maintenance free.

Based on the original and well proven concept of hooked rotors, this model is available either as an air-cooled or water cooled machine. Configurations include parallel or multistage, direct drive or belt driven.

16 series direct drive vac

Special features of the 16 series include:

  • Oil free
  • No moving parts in contact
  • Will not contaminate the process gas
  • Can handle corrosive gases
  • Can handle dirty gases
  • Compact and robust design
  • Air cooled
  • Well proven concept
  • Low maintenance
  • Superb technical back up and after sales service
  • Flows to 160m3/hr F.A.D.
  • Pressures to 4 bar A

Some example applications include:

Air & Gas Applications Industries
  • Compression
  • Exhaust
  • Purging
  • Evacuating
  • Pressurisation
  • Boosting
  • Re-circulating
  • Blending and homogenisation
  • Waste treatment: Biogas (Methane)
  • Nuclear Industry: Uranium hexafluoride
  • Chemical industry: Reactors and vapour recovery
  • Food and beverage industry: Air blending
  • Gas production: Argon, helium process gases
  • Steel industry: Blast furnace gases


Should you need to order a spare part simply use our contact page noting the serial number of your machine (this can be found on the gearcase) the spare part number and description from this drawing..