Hook and Claw

We invented the Hook & Claw principle in the 1930’s. Like all good inventions the concept is quite simple. Two contra rotating rotors compress the gas and the hooks allow inlet and discharge through ports. There is no contact between the rotating parts and no need for lubrication. There is no sealing liquid either, so the air or gas handled is left clean and uncontaminated. There is no wear and no consumption of oil or other liquid.

The Northey Hook & Claw machine can be used in vacuum or compression. They are true positive displacement machines which means the flow is proportional to the speed and relatively high compression ratios can be used.

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16 Series – Pressure and Vacuum

Thousands of 1600 series have now been running for many years, dry, oil and maintenance free.

Based on the original and well proven concept of hooked rotors, this model is available either as an air-cooled or water cooled machine. Configurations include parallel or multistage, direct drive or belt driven.


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Northey Tiger – Pressure

Northey tiger is a step foward in capital and whole life costs. Read more about how we can help improve your margins.

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204 Series: Vacuum

The 2040 Series vacuum pump was developed for the nuclear industry and is designed for leak free handling of toxic gases. It is based on the proved Northey design, using hooked rotors with no lubrication and no contact between moving parts. The unit is driven by a direct coupled canned motor. The seal-less design and dry, oil free pumping system combine to avoid wear, potential leaks and any risk of contaminating the gas or environment.

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305 Series: Pressure

The 305 series again uses the proven Northey design of hooked rotor, but have overhung bearings. This facilitates access to seals and rotors, making maintenance quick and easy. They are air cooled, offering simple installation and trouble free operation – particularly important on un-manned sites.

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36 Series: Pressure & Vacuum

The 36 series uses the proven Northey design of hooked rotor. It is available in a range of rotor widths, with either direct drive or V belt arrangements. Machines can be supplied as bare shaft units or skid mounted complete with motors, valves, instrumentation and control. Cooling can be achieved by using a closed circuit radiator system or flow from any suitable water supply.

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