Northey has unparalleled experience in supplying pressure systems in the 1-10 bar region. The Hook and Claw machine can supply this pressures as either a single, or twin machine, whilst keeping excellent flow levels.

In applications where there is not a Hook and Claw machine to suit your needs, we are experts a specifying, supplying and installing roots blowers, sliding vane machines and screw compressors from a number of high quality manufactures. With Northey you can be assured of an honest, independent opinion on the needs of your project, and total implantation management including additional engineering, design work and commissioning. Why not contact us to discuss your needs?

Hook and Claw

The backbone of our range, the Hook and Claw machine was invented by Northey in the 1930’s and has many advantages over competing technologies. Perfect for pressures up to 10 bar, and flows to 1000Nm3/hr as a single machine, the Northey machine is oil and therefore contaimate free, has exceptionally low through life costs and is perfect in a situation with aggressive or dirty gasses.

Sliding Vane: MPR

The principle of the sliding vane rotary compressor is based on a cylindrical rotor turning on two rolling bearings arranged eccentrically in the base, assembled on either side of the body of the machine, called the stator.

This mechanism consists of a crescent-shaped chamber: the compression chamber.

The vanes made out of a composite material slide freely in the radial grooves of the rotor and, when the mechanism is set in rotation, they are applied by centrifugal force against the inner surface of the stator. As the mechanism rotates, these vanes create volume-reducing cavities thereby creating the necessary compression.

Gas is drawn in through ports in the stator, on the part where the volume is increasing, and discharged through other ports located in an area where the volume is decreasing to a minimum.

  • Constant output
  • Low pressure pulsation
  • Low vibration
  • High yields
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Insensitivity to aggressive gases


Roots Blowers

Roots blowers work by two contra rotating lobes. Although they cannot acheive high pressures, they can produce a wide range of flows, are reliable and produce oil-free air.

Northey have deep expertise in supplying, specifying and repairing roots blowers, and work closely with a number of manufactures in order to provide you with the right equipment for your needs.

Please contact our team for new machines, service and package enquiries.