Northey invented the ‘Hook & Claw’ dry vacuum pump and compressor in the 1930’s. Northey Boyce, Northey Rotary Compressors and Northey Technologies Ltd are all descendants from the original company – a heritage we are proud of.

From the original applications of superchargers for cars and vacuum pumps for railway braking systems, we have developed and added to our product range. For over 60 years the company has specialised in the design and manufacture of compressors and vacuum pumps for handling a wide variety of gases. The gas is compressed between precision machined rotors so there is no metal-to-metal contact and no need for lubrication, meaning no risk of gas contamination. Simpler and less expensive than screw or non-lubricated piston machines, Northey Compressors are exceptionally reliable.

If you are interested in our history please get in touch – we’ve plenty more to tell you!